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Fees - Sliding Scale

Sliding-scale: Affordable Therapy
Fees that Fit Your Finances!
Now Available at CCE-Community Counseling Center


At CCE-Community Counseling Center we believe that therapy must be designed based on the principal of inclusion to reach the cultural, ethnic, linguistic, and socioeconomic diversity of our community.

If you've ever thought of seeking therapy, but have held back for financial reasons, NOW is the time to give us a call!

  • Do you feel "stuck" in some area of your life?
  • Are your relationships with partners, family members or others causing you pain, confusion, or distress?
  • Are you suffering from loss, loneliness, or grief?
  • Would you like to resolve feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt?
  • Are unresolved issues from your childhood interfering with your ability to move forward in your life?
  • Are you concerned about your own or a loved one's use of alcohol or drugs?
  • Do you want to learn to establish healthy boundaries?

Our regular fee for a 50 minute therapy session is $175. Our regular fee for a 50 minute therapy session is $175. 

We do offer Sliding Scale fees and do our best to accommodate a session rate that works for each person. The sliding scale fee is determined by clients income and number of dependents. Specific fees will be discussed and agreed upon between the individual client and clinician prior to the first visit.

We also accept the following insurance plans:

  • LA Care Medi-cal
  • Medicare
  • Cigna
  • Victims of Crime

For those who have a private PPO, we are happy to provide you with an invoice for you to submit to your insurance provider and they will directly reimburse you a portion of the fee. You can also speak to us about what your current co-pay for mental health services are and we may be able to match the fee to your co-pay amount.

CCE-Community Counseling Center recognizes that we live in a community that includes individuals from a variety of backgrounds. Our clinicians are trained in advanced multicultural counseling and fully embrace and understand the key roles that a client’s culture, identity, ethnicity, race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation play in the therapeutic process.

Our clinical interns are therapists who bring to their work a commitment to your unique process and a dedication to being of service to you. All of our clinicians operate under the direct supervision of experienced licensed supervisors.

We are committed to providing you with quality counseling and therapy – for a fee that fits your finances!

Contact us now to arrange a free phone consultation.